photo_The 6th  Management Seminar

  The 7th NIFISA was successfully held from the 12th to the 22nd of September, 2017 in NIFS (National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya).
  This 8 days seminar invited 11 participants from 10 countries.7 invited lecturers from 4 countries (Japan, Taiwan, Netherlands and German) and 15 professors of NIFS conducted the lectures, which were about Olympic Education, Sports Performance, Sports Science, Sports Nutrition, Japanese Martial Arts, Language and Homestay program and so on.
  At the final day, participants presented and shared their ideas about Sports Research of their countries, which was a good opportunity for NIFISA participants, NIFS students and professors to exchange new information with each other. After the presentation, Chair of NIFISA, Dr. Shunichi TAKESHITA presented the best presentation award to Ms. Kunanya MASODSAI (Thailand), Ms. Logeswary KRISNAN (Malaysia) and Mr. Oliver BADIN (Australia) for appreciating their outstanding presentation.
  At the Closing Ceremony, the chairman, Dr. TAKESHITA expressed his wishes to the participants. Mr. Oliver BADIN (Australia), on behalf of all the participants who also gave a speech and shared his expression of the seminar. He motioned that participants not only learned knowledge of sports science and performance, also experienced Japanese culture, martial arts and sincerely extended the appreciation to NIFISA and Kanoya City Hall for supporting the all the lectures and homestay program. Finally, Dr. TAKESHITA reluctantly announced the 7th NIFISA Seminar was successfully ended.

Table1 NIFS professors’ Lectures of 7th NIFISA

Participants’ Voice:

  • ・I am really glad to get the opportunity form 7th NIFISA, attending all session will be a great experience for me to share this knowledge in my country sports field.
  • ・I will share my knowledge that I have learn in NIFISA to my country, students, athletes and community.
  • ・I am very impress about high technology in Kanoya especially NIFS. And hospitality of course makes me don’t want to leave this city. Lastly, thanks for all knowledge and point of view. Such a good experience for me.
  • ・It is a wonderful experience/ seminar here. Thanks NIFS and all staff so much setting this valuable seminar for everyone, every year. Thank you!
Visited Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo
Visited Kanoya city hall
Dr. Akira MAEDA introduced the equipment of NIFS SP Lab
Dr. Akira MAEDA introduced the
equipment of NIFS SP Lab.
Participants discussed and shared ideas with each other
Participants discussed and shared ideas with each other
Enjoyed ball games with NIFS students and professors
Welcome Party with host families,
NIFS students and professors
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