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 The NIFS International Sport Academy (NIFISA) was initially launched in 2014.
 The Academy aims to promote research in sports management and sports performance science in addition to Olympic education. Through the Academy, all participants will contribute to sport fields, becoming globally-minded individuals and the professionals of the future.
 The 10th NIFISA Seminar will be an 11-day program composed of lectures on Olympic education, nutrition, sports performance, biomechanics, sport physiology and training, cultural programs, and so on.
 All participants will also attend the SFT International Sport Academy Tri-University Joint Seminar 2019 in Tokyo.
 *For more details about SPORT FOR TOMORROW (SFT), please visit
We are planning to accept approximately 15 participants from several countries. We hope the program will create an opportunity to exchange new ideas about the Olympic Movement and performance research.

Seminar period:  August 28 - September 7, 2019 (subject to change)

Venue:  National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Kagoshima, Japan
     Nippon Sport Science University, Tokyo, Japan

Registration starts:  May 15, 2019

Registration deadline:  June 5, 2019

Primary selection results:  Late June 2019 (by e-mail)

Skype interview period:  Early July 2019

Final selection results:  Mid July 2019 (by e-mail)

2.Seminar Opportunities

  • ∙ Gain knowledge about sports performance and the Olympic Movement
  • ∙ Communicate with Japanese instructors and students as well as foreign lecturers
  • ∙ Exchange ideas with participants from several countries
  • ∙ Experience Japanese culture and martial arts (kendo, judo)
  • ∙ Participate in a homestay program
  • ∙ Participate in the SFT International Sport Academy Tri-University Joint Seminar 2019 at Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo
  • ---Additional Opportunities---
  • ∙ Participate in the 2019 NCDA Coach Developer Program (maximum of 3 persons)
  •    *Program period: September 9-13, 2019 (subject to change)
  •    *NCDA will provide accommodations including breakfast during the program.
  •    *If there are more than 3 applicants, professors of NIFISA and NCDA will select
     individuals whose background and experience most closely match our needs for
     participating in the program.
  •    *What is the NCDA program? Please visit for more details.

3.Candidate Criteria

  • (1) Hold a passionate interest in sports performance and the Olympic Movement, and be an up-and-coming leader in a sports profession (e.g., graduate student or higher degree holder, young researcher, top coach, national level athlete, NOC officer, government official)
  • (2) Possess advanced knowledge and skills in sports science
  • (3) Possess English language proficiency (TOEIC 650, TOEFL (iBT) 70, IELT 5.0 or international experience of one year or more in an English-speaking country)
  • (4) Preferably age 22-39 years
  • (5) Individuals who have never participated in the TIAS (Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies) Short Program or NIFISA program.

4.Application Process and Guideline

First Step: Document screening
Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

    • (a) Resume with your current photo
    • (b) Proposal within 300 words including your reasons or motivations for wanting to participate
    • (c) A signed Letter of Recommendation from your Regional/National Sports Federation, National Olympic Committee, or from your university
    • * All documents must be in English.
    • * Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    • * All personal information submitted will be treated in a confidential manner by NIFISA and will be used only for the purpose of selecting participants for the program.

  • Next Step: Skype interview
    • Candidates will participate in a short Skype interview conducted in English with NIFS professors.


  • ・We will cover expenses for:
    • (a) Flights from and to a designated airport in your country of origin (we will send an e-ticket for the flight)
    • (b) Accommodations and breakfast during the seminar
  • ・You will be responsible for the following expenses:
    • (a) Transportation between the airport in your country of origin and your home
    • (b) Lunch and dinner during the seminar
    • (c) All other expenses


  • ∙ All participants are required to attend all sessions.
  • ∙ All participants are expected to give a presentation at the seminar.
  • ∙ All participants are required to provide the following documents:
  • (a) Photocopy of your current passport
  • (b) Participation Agreement
  • (c) Completed questionnaire about dietary, religious, and physical needs

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