about NIFISA

    The NIFISA Committee was formed to manage the NIFISA. Members of the NIFISA Committee coordinate the program and curriculum of NIFISA Seminar. The Chairman of NIFISA is Professor Dr. Futoshi OGITA who is Deputy President (in charge of Globalization) at NIFS. The NIFISA Committee is comprised of NIFS professors who specialize in Sport Humanities and Applied Social Science, Sport Life Science or Sport and Budo Practice Science, and Other employees.
    Professors who is specialize in Olympic education from Europe (Germany, Netherlands) and Asia (Taiwan, Korea, Japan) have been accepted as lecturers. Participants from mainly Asian countries (more than 10 countries) attended the past seminars.
    The invitation of participants will be broadened to target candidates from mainly Asian countries. Instructors from many countries that have a relationship with NIFS will be invited. Also all participants will attend the two weeks seminar related with Olympics, sport management, and sport performance.
    Additionally, the NIFISA Seminar has a “JAPANESE Omotenashi Program”, for example, visiting famous rose garden park and Japanese culture program (Tea Ceremony, Kimono Kitsuke).
    Other programs are intended to deepen exchanges with community people in Kanoya city and other organizations which has a partnership with NIFISA.

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